Andreas Klesse

Andreas Klesse

Head of the Operational Excellence Team in the International E.ON Energy Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) business segment

Andreas Klesse is Heading the Operational Excellence Team in the international E.ON Energy Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) business segment. With his team he is driving the EIS international collaboration platform and taking accountability for global Sales, Funding, Marketing and Business Optimization activities. Prior to this role he was Managing Director of Avacon Natur and delivering with his team distributed energy solutions for industrial customers, city energy solutions and renewable energy solutions. Andreas started his professional career in the energy sector at Dalkia operating district heating systems and afterwards worked at the Ruhr - University Bochum in an interdisciplinary team. He has a PhD in mechanical engineering for energy systems and economics and has a strong passion for digitization. Andreas joined E.ON in 2011 working on B2C and B2B projects across the group.  He has a strong track record in delivering projects for B2C, B2B customer and city energy solutions. Andreas is married has 2 children and lives in Essen.


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