Decentralised Energy Conference

21st September 2023

Barbican, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

The Great British Debate: How do we deliver massive scale in an uncertain political landscape?

In many areas, decentralised energy is already developing rapidly. However, the rate of expansion needs to increase even faster this decade if we are to meet the 6th Carbon Budget and effectively deliver net zero by 2050.

We live in a time of shifting leadership and uncertain political environments - how do we navigate the winds of change and ensure that a new Government only adds to the momentum we have built up, rather than diminishing it?

To answer this question, we have put together a day designed to give you the best of the sector’s thought-provoking discourse, policy insights and innovative ideas. Our lineup features a diverse range of sessions designed to empower and inform:

  • Keynote Address by Chris Stark, CEO of the Climate Change Committee: Gain invaluable insights into the decisive actions required during this pivotal decade from the man tasked with advising the Government on how best to tackle and prepare for climate change.
  • Sessions with top political think tanks: Engage in comprehensive discussions about the election's wide-ranging ramifications and explore unconventional approaches to guaranteeing a more decentralised future for energy.
  • Charting new trajectories: Discover paths less trodden as we consider how, as a sector, we can do our bit for adaptation, as well as mitigation.

Join us at the conference as we collectively chart our course through uncertainty and work together in leveraging political change to scale up decentralised energy across all fronts.

See you at the event!

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