Decentralised Energy Conference

30th October 2024

The British Library, London

Navigating a new Parliament

The July General Election has returned unprecedented numbers of new MPs and marked the start of a new programme of Government.

In a year when more than half the world’s population is participating in some form of election (some more democratic, some less so) and with the newly elected regional Mayors and local councillors still settling into post, this is the year of unprecedented political activity at all scales. The ADE’s Decentralised Energy conference 2024 will look at what the first few months of this new landscape has meant for decentralised energy and what it presages for now to the end of the decade.

Join us to discuss the key debates for the sector including:

  • Global investment and the UK’s role therein
  • The new Government’s programme for the next 5 years and what this means for decentralised energy
  • Devolution and the role of regional politics in driving new approaches to local energy.

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Venue - The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London, Greater London, NW1 2DB